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  • AccessKenya Group, Kenya's leading Corporate and Residential ISP deployed CacheMARA XXL-5000/66 as part of a key plan to increase quality of service to users and reduce costs with the business expansion. "We are getting an average of 45% savings with the current load with peaks of 60%. The technical support has been very professional. I have been impressed that they are the ones who have been pushing my technical team to get issues resolved, which is a show of their desire to see clients happy. I have been especially impressed by the support teams' technical expertise in the service provider environment, which is something that is very rare with many solution providers", says Raymond Macharia (CTO).

    "It took literally minutes to get the CacheMARA up and running in our network with no issues at all. The detailed reports and graphs are a must have and have been instrumental in providing accurate up to date reports to the executive. With a glance of the Web GUI front page, AccessKenya core engineers and executives can see all the details of the appliance from the health status, resource utilization and the bandwidth savings all at one go with extreme ease."

  • "The CacheMara is saving around 48-55% which is a good percentage" says Mr. Rafal Hussein Hassan, Network Administrator at Al-jazeera Al-Arabiya.

    "I have tested other caching products before and I go to Mara Systems, because they have more powerful caches that are able to handle traffic up to to 5GB (HTTP and P2P), and the CacheMARA was able to save more traffic than others cache products. The main benefit is the high bandwidth savings with a very good performance for the miss pages and very proactive support."

    Al-Jazeera Al-Arabiya
  • "Although we have CacheMARA running for 11 days only, our experience with the CacheMARA is very good. There are no problems with any website or any complains from our customers. The average bandwidth savings during peak times is around 40%, but during some periods the CacheMARA has delivered up to 65% bandwidth savings" says Nilsomar Brasileiro, IT Manager at AtualNet Telecom.

    AtualNet Telecom
  • "Columbus Communications Grenada are very pleased that we worked with CacheMara to implement a cost effective solution to better serve our customers’ by improving their quality of experience while at the same time saving on the cost for additional bandwidth. Their sales team are knowledgeable and understand the needs of our organization and worked patiently with us to design and implement the solution. In our complex environment, installation and configuration was straight forward and the implementation team assisted with ample documentation. Their technical support has been very responsive and they know their product well. We had tried other caching solutions and found the management and statistical reports to be lacking. This is an area where CacheMara excels, the interface is intuitive with the presentation and granularity of reports always impressing our business leaders", says Richard McNeilly, IT Manager at Columbus Communications Grenada Ltd.

    Columbus Communications
    Barbados - Grenada
  • "We are very happy with the decision to deploy CacheMARA XXL-5000 in our network. CacheMARA offers high performance while providing an easy, cost-effective scalable solution to support our business expansion. An impressive reporting and intuitive interface and helpful technical support. The average bandwidth savings is more than 50%", says Ares Mahmmoud, Network Operation Manager at Fanoos Telecom a telecommunications operator and subsidiary of Asiacell Company in Iraq.

    Fanoos Telecom / Asiacell
  • "We've selected CacheMARA appliance since the beginning of 2011 after full deep research for a cost-effective and efficient solution to have stable, advanced, supported Cache system. We are currently using five CacheMARAs XXL/P2P devices based on the latest appliances. The engines provide us with an average bandwidth savings of 50% at peak period, which reduced our running cost and achieve the return on investment in a short duration", says Eng. Jamal Taweel, Technical Director at Hadara Technologies. "Moreover, the solution substantially improved our QoE as the cached content access times are dramatically low."

    "Hadara has received a professional technical support by high qualified technical staff of MARA Systems during the solution bring up and afterwards, Moreover MARA Systems team were able to customize the solution through adding support to new features that we requested and that were needed for an efficient deployment and to suite Hadara's business needs."

    Hadara Technologies
  • "MARA Systems always fulfil their promises more than we expected, we assumed that it would not reduce more than 28%, but really it reaches 45% savings. A cheap and efficient solution" says Eng. Rajaie Issaid, Co Founder/Technical Manager at Mada-Alarab.

    "I've recently deployed a new device for another region (Gaza), and if I have problems I won’t even think to think of the solution, I am happy that things are simple and flawless."

  • "We have evaluated a number of solutions for web caching for our ISP. The experience was pretty deterring until we tested CacheMARA. The setup was very simple yet flawless. It was so simple that during integration we faced almost no downtime for the users. CacheMARA has been able to achieve more than 40% bandwidth saving on http traffic for my ISP in less than 14 days. After its implementation, we were able to eliminating annoying buffering on internet video websites like youtube. Quality of experience at subscribers’ end has been great – which led us to acquire a bunch of new subscribers. Its reporting is vivid while being to the point. No other caching solution that we tested was able to achieve these performance metrics", says Mr. Indranil Bhattacharya CTO at Meghbela Broadband.

    Meghbela Broadband
  • Andrey Zenkovich (Technical Director of LLC "Sat-DV") says: "We are very satisfied with MARA Systems. MARA Systems has demonstrated itself as a highly qualified, software developing company. All guaranteed performance indicators of CacheMARA were achieved during testing. In our case, we save 50% of the total HTTP bandwidth (50% byte-hit ratio). With CacheMARA we reduced response time and increase our revenue. The use of CacheMARA accelerates the access of media content during busy hours significantly.

    MARA Systems has proven to be a partner that is ready to satisfy needs of the client. We see this as a strong foundation for long-term relationships."

  • "In 2011 Unetvale sought to improve the navigation experience of their customers. After the research for a reliable ISP dedicated caching, the CacheMARA proved to meet all our requirements. The result was not only the amazing sensation of speed in navigation, especially on sites like YouTube, but also very high bandwidth savings, with peaks at 50%", says Alex Montoanelli, IT Systems engineer at Unetvale. "Another strong point about the CacheMARA is the intuitive web management interface that is simple, comprehensive and robust. With just a few clicks, you have access to very detailed and organised reports and graphs that show an overview of the system. In addition, when making complex changes it is all very simple. Congratulations to MARA Systems for an excellent product."

  • "We tested two solutions for web caching before testing the CacheMara. The two solutions required significant manual maintenance, which consumed our time instead of being able to focus in the core aspects of our business. The CacheMara was the only solution we tested that proved 100% stable and no errors. We have not had any customer complaints and several web pages that failed with the other solutions, with CacheMara they work perfectly", says Victor Smigliani, IT manager at VANET.

  • "Wateen Telecom selected the CacheMARA appliance solution as it offers a unique caching mechanism that enables caching for content from leading video portals, CDNs and file hosters. It also cuts down unproductive use of the Internet and consumption of network bandwidth with more than 40%."

    Speaking about the contract, Wateen’s Chief Technology Officer, Faisal Sattar said, "The Web has changed and grown significantly as social networking, video streaming, and file hosting sites have become popular, requiring more and more bandwidth. MARA Systems provide an excellent support, real time statistics and outstanding results for caching on multimedia content. By caching sites on local servers, our consumers will benefit from reduced load times."

    Wateen Telecom