TmcMARA is the solution for deploying transparent caching devices, DNS servers or any other service that requires load balancing to multiple servers.

Transparent caching is used to save costs on upstream bandwidth and to accelerate Internet browsing.

DNS Best practice advises to install multiple DNS servers with different roles for increased redundancy, resilience, performance and security.

In simple scenarios a router or switch is often used to perform policy-based routing or Cisco WCCP in order to mimic a simple form of load balancing to multiple servers. But for many scenarios and reasons this is not a good approach.

The TmcMARA offers a much nicer integration of transparent caching devices, DNS servers and other services that are deployed with multiple servers.

The benefits are mainly the much easier management, better load balancing, better availability, better failover and nicer integration.

TmcMARA is a perfect fit for deploying a CacheMARA cluster or multiple DnsMARA servers, as it offers special load balancing algorithms and a nicer integration for those products.

TmcMARA offers a better performance and a higher 10 Gbps port density at half the price of competing products on the market.