The Application Delivery Controller combining single sign-on, load balancing, SSL offloading, application layer security, content acceleration and integrated Web Application Firewall.

If your company provides B2B-, B2C-, online-, Intranet-portals or web applications in general, you need technology that can provide security, confidentiality, authentication, flexibility, high performance, and availability. eMARA is the integrated front-end solution that provides all of those functions in one box.

eMARA Reverse Proxy Scenario

Three important concepts operate behind eMARA: The use of virtual servers, virtual applications and service delivery rules. Virtual servers are web servers with a visible web address. Virtual applications provide the same service to clients from more than one server and take care about load balancing and failover. And service delivery rules act as a mapping between the two. Your eMARA can host as many virtual servers and virtual applications as intended which may contain as many servers as available. The benefit of this is more horsepower for all your users and increased availability of your service. In addition, this helps you to consolidate different web applications provided by one or more suppliers in different servers and integrate them into one single entry point behind the Web interface.

For secure, confidential and efficient management of Web portals, eMARA is your onestep solution with a low total cost of ownership and whose quality is worth the label "Made in Germany".