Recursive Resolver & Authoritative DNS

DNS is a critical network service. Most other services, protocols and applications depend on it. Every failure of the DNS service has a direct impact on productivity, increased costs and lost revenue. Future business and reputation is easily harmed by a less than optimal DNS deployment.

DnsMARA is designed as a high performance Recursive DNS resolver and Authoritative DNS server.

DnsMARA allows you to design and deploy cost-effective, highly available and secure DNS services.

It provides vital benefits for your network reliability, attack resiliency and security of your services.

DnsMARA is the key to accelerate DNS services and improve user experience.

DnsMARA's Benefits

Carrier Grade Hardware

DNS availability, performance and security are crucial for anybody providing DNS services. That is why MARA Systems only provides latest hardware generation and IT findings to deliver the most secure and robust DNS Solution on the market.

DNS Acceleration

The recursive DNS resolver improves user satisfaction with usually >80% of queries answered directly from the cache.

Full Reporting & Analysis

Graphical reports on performance, usage and system health available. Management can access reports to efficiently control and coordinate tasks and next actions.

High Performance

One DnsMARA can replace many legacy systems based on BIND so that Internet service providers and companies can simplify their deployment, improve overall performance and enhance their resilience against DoS attacks.

Improved Security

Internet service providers and companies using DnsMARA are much better protected against threats. Time and money spent on handling subscriber complaints, solving network issues and doing post-attack forensics is significantly reduced.


Authoritative DNS Server

You have full management of zones, TSIG support for secure DNS zone transfers and automated zone signing. Full DNSSEC support, key rollover assistance and high protection against spoofed data.

Denial of Service

Denial of Service (DoS) Protection by individual DoS / DDoS profiles, global IP reputation and Botnet database.

Embedded stateful firewall

Embedded stateful firewall allows only UDP port 53, tracks UDP protocol states and prevents cache poisoning.

Intrusion detection and prevention

Drops known DNS vulnerabilities, malformed or invalid DNS requests. Mitigates DNS amplification attacks and blocks DNS abuse.

Isolated Implementation

Separate isolated implementation of recursive DNS server and authoritative DNS server.

Recursive DNS Resolver

Limits recursive DNS services only to your valid users and has direct access to local authoritative DNS data. Popular cached elements are prefetched before they expire to keep the cache up to date. Cache Poisoning protection, DNS-0x20 support, DNS record TTL adjustment and Optimized DNSSEC validation.

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