Leading Transparent Caching Solution for ISPs

CacheMARA is the transparent caching solution used by hundreds of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) worldwide. It is based on more than 10 years of German based engineering. More than 10 years of technological innovation.

CacheMARA's unbeatable Benefits

Bandwidth Savings

Highest bandwidth savings (BHR - Byte Hit Ratio) and bandwidth gain on the market. Supporting the most different content classes and including special optimizations for all popular services and sites.

Browsing Acceleration

Small objects are cached on and served from high performance Solid State Disks (SSDs). This improves Internet browsing experience significantly.

Built-in P2P Caching

Optional P2P caching support creates even more saving opportunities and does not require additional hard- or software.

CDN Caching

Unique caching mechanism, highly accurate for arbitrary caching of videos and large rich media files from Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

Cost Effective

Reduce costs, increase number of subscribers and avoid costly bandwidth upgrades at value-added prices.

Easy Clustering

Implement larger scenarios even up to multiple 100 Gbps of bandwidth using the TmcMARA load balancer. Every new CacheMARA node in the cluster increases the total caching capacity.


Multiple Service Caching

Caching support for multiple services: HTTP (including e.g. multimedia streams, CDNs, updates, and filehosters), FTP, P2P, ...

P2P Caching

P2P caching support for BitTorrent-based protocols, even for encrypted P2P connections.

Real time streaming

Serve multiple clients from a single HTTP-based multimedia live stream, improving user experience and reducing redundant bandwidth usage to a minimum.

Static & Dynamic Caching

Apart from static caching, dynamically served but unique content will be detected and can thus also be cached to improve response time and accelerate the performance of World Wide Web Internet applications.

Cache Clustering for Scalability

Combine caches to a cache cluster to improve performance and increase the total cache with shared storage. Allows easy upgrades when your network grows and thus ensures scalability.

Optional certified Hardware

CacheMARA software can be installed on your own hardware or use our certified carrier-grade hardware platform. By combining MARA Systems hardware and software, you'll get the highest quality enterprise and datacenter parts for a fully reliable system to run your services at peak performance.

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High quality Cache Solution, regular updates and improvement, in-depth insight on traffic patterns. Alert and fast-response Support and Monitoring team. Smooth working Cache Solution with tremendous savings.

NOC / Analyst Network Specialist
Middle-East Region

Since we have installed CacheMARA on our network, the percentage of customers satisfaction has been increased significantly due to the fast and smooth web browsing.

We are grateful to be supported by a very professional engineering team who always find the best solution at facing any issues immediately. By saving more than 65% of web traffic it was a successful investment in our mind.

Chief Research Officer
Middle-East Region

We have evaluated a number of solutiosn for web caching for our ISP. The experience was pretty deterring until we tested CacheMARA. The setup was very simple yet flawless. It was so simple that during integration we faced no downtime for the users.

CacheMARA has been able to archive more than 60% savings on HTTP traffic for my ISP in less than 14 days. After its implementation, quality of experience at subscribers' end has been great - which led us to aquire a bunch of new subscribers. Its reporting is vivid while being to the point. No other caching solution that we tested was able to achieve these performance metrics.

Head of Network Department

MARA Systems always fulfill their promises more than we expected, we assumed it would not redunce more than 30%, but really reaches 70% during peak hours. A very efficient solution.


We are very happy with the decision to deploy CacheMARA XXL in our network. CacheMARA offers high performance while providing an easy, cost-effective scalable solution to support our business expansion. An impressive reporting and intuitive interface and helpful technical support. The average bandwidth savings is more than 60%, reaching 70% during peak hours.

Network Architect

We sought to improve the navigation experience of our customers. After the research for a reliable ISP dedicated caching, the CacheMARA proved to meet all our requirements. The result was not only the amazing sensation of speed in navigation, but also very high bandwidth savings, with peaks at 70%".

Another strong point about the CacheMARA is the intuitive web management interface that is simple, comprehensive and robust. With just a few clicks, you have access to very detailed and organised reports and graphs that show an overview of the system. In addition, when making complex changes it is all very simple. Congratulations to MARA Systems for an excellent product.

IT Systems engineer

We’ve selected CacheMARA appliance after full deep research for a cost-effective and efficient solution to have stable, advanced, supported Cache system. We are currently using five CacheMARAs XXL/P2P devices based on the latest appliances. The engines provide us with an average bandwidth savings of 60-70% at peak period, which reduced our running cost and achieve the return on investment in a short duration" Moreover, the solution substantially improved our QoE as the cached content access times are accelerated dramatically.

We have received a professional technical support by high qualified technical staff of MARA Systems during the solution bring up and afterwards. Moreover MARA Systems team were able to customize the solution through adding support to new features that we requested and that were needed for an efficient deployment and to suite our business needs. In addition, the unique integration of content filtering offers a dynamic robust solution that meets our business growth strategy.

IT Manager

We are very pleased that we worked with CacheMara to implement a cost effective solution to better serve our customers’ by improving their quality of experience while at the same time saving on the cost for additional bandwidth. Their sales team are knowledgeable and understand the needs of our organization and worked patiently with us to design and implement the solution. In our complex environment, installation and configuration was straight forward and the implementation team assisted with ample documentation. Their support has been very responsive and they know their product well. We had tried other caching solutions and found the management and statistical reports to be lacking. This is an area where CacheMara excels, the interface is intuitive with the presentation and granularity of reports always impressing our business leaders.

Network Manager
Southeastern Caribbean Sea

CacheMara appliance help us reduce more than 60% of our bandwidth cost. The technical support person is very helpful and he really knows what they’re doing and talking about. The appliance is very easy to install and configure. It only took us nearly 4 hours and everything is up and running already. The report are very accurate and very self-explanatory. You can actually identify the daily savings plus the top clients & sites for a day/week/month. All in all…very happy cachemara user.

IT Manager

Although we have CacheMARA running for 11 days only, our experience with the CacheMARA is very good. There are no problems with any website or any complains from our customers. The average bandwidth savings during peak times is around 60%, but during some periods the CacheMARA has delivered up to 65% bandwidth savings.

IT Manager

MARA Tech support team is excellent! High expertise unlike other vendors who outsource their support to other countries causing communications issues and delays.


CacheMARA was really easy to deploy and started to give us some really good savings within hours.

MANAGER NOC operations

We are running a cluster of CacheMARA XXL boxes with amazing results. The cluster is showing savings of 70% most hours of the day, including all the peak hours. It is saving us 20 Gbps of international bandwidth every day. This translates into big money savings every month.

IT Manager
Asia-Pacific Region

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Solid State Disks (SSDs)?

The performance of an HTTP proxy is limited by the performance of the used storage subsystem. The proxy needs to write a new object to disks in case of a Cache-MISS (the object is new and was not stored in the cache yet). In case of a Cache-HIT (the client requested an object that is already stored in the cache) it needs to read the object from the disks to serve it to the client. That means that each HTTP request results into a request to the disk subsystem in the worst case. Caching some parts of the requests in RAM helps to reduce the load to the disks a little bit but does not change the performance dramatically.

Performance without SSDs

Each enterprise SATA disk with 7.2k rpm can only handle approximately 100 requests per second. Faster SAS disks with 15k rpm can handle approximately 200 requests per second. That means that you need 30 SATA or 15 SAS disks to reach a performance of 3000 requests per second.

Performance with SSDs

We use high end SSDs to dramatically increase the performance. SSDs do not have any moving parts and have ultra low access times. High-End SSDs can do fifty thousand and more requests per second. The use of SSDs allows our solution to perform at many more requests per second than any other caching solution on the market.

You should not trust any vendor that tries to tell you that a HTTP proxy system that only uses SATA or SAS disks can do much more than 100-200 request per disk per second. This is just impossible because of the physical limitations of the disks. Disks have moving parts and it takes time to move the head to the requested position on the disk and read or write the object.

Can't I just create my own caching solution?

When deciding on which solution to use for a transparent caching project, how do you decide on using some ready appliance solution like CacheMARA vs. creating your own solution based on freely available Open Source?

Open source platforms can be great tools for “Do it yourself” (DIY) projects. But our customers have too much at stake to risk their business on building their own transparent caching solution by themselves using the available Open Source software.

Most of the time if you are planning to go through all that work you may be better off just buying the ready-to-deploy solution upfront.

For example you can get a Squid-based cache and throw tons of money at it and make it better, but it will never be like the top cache solution as CacheMARA today and still be classified as a risk-taking.

Common problems when building your own transparent caching solution:

  • With Squid only it's impossible to get more than 300 Mbps of client throughput on a single box - CacheMARA can offer a realistic 3.3 Gbps of client throughput for HTTP on a single appliance
  • Besides that 3.3 Gbps HTTP it offers additional cache-out for other services like P2P - There are no open source caching solutions available for other services like FTP, P2P, ...
  • CacheMARA is proprietary technology of MARA Systems developed through years of German engineering and thus includes knowledge built-up through years of experience with hundreds of customers worldwide
  • Squid is not fully transparent, it breaks non-http traffic on port 80 - CacheMARA includes DPI technology to identify valid HTTP traffic and allows other traffic to pass through
  • Squid can only do simply URL based caching - CacheMARA combines methods from object-caching, url-caching and pattern based caching.
  • Squid based solutions achieve only 10-20% byte-hit ratio - CacheMARA is able to deliver 50%+ byte-hit ratio at many customers
  • Building your own solution might be limited to simple HTTP caching only missing great savings and QoE improvements
  • CacheMARA is a multi service caching solution including support for multiple services and protocols like HTTP browsing, file sharing, progressive download, Adaptive Bitrate video streaming, FTP, P2P, Software Upgrades, Games, Video and many more...

Some of the benefits when using CacheMARA:

  • Up to 6 Gbps of client throughput per single appliance unit
  • Scaling to unlimited Gbps when deployed in CacheMARA cluster/grid configuration
  • High byte-hit ratio (average 45%-50%) and bandwidth gain (up to 100% and more)
  • Innovative WebGUI
  • Built for reliability and ease of use
  • Unique caching optimizations
  • All-in-all multi service caching support (HTTP, FTP, P2P, Streaming, ....)
  • Low training staff and reduced costs
  • Reduce costs with maintenance/support
  • No hassle about software upgrades
  • Large number of advanced features
  • Rigorously tested appliances
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Dedicated support and services
  • Extensive manual and knowledge set-up
  • Expert German engineering
  • Continuous investment in R&D

What is WCCP?

WCCP is a content-routing protocol developed by Cisco that provides a method to redirect traffic flows in real-time. It features load balancing, fault tolerance, scaling and service-assurance mechanisms. Furthermore it enables transparent caching with a WCCP-compliant router using Layer2 rewriting or IP-GRE encapsulation.

Combining CacheMARA with a WCCP enabled router allows easy and fully transparent caching cluster setups with up to 32 nodes.

If no WCCP enabled router is available, CacheMARA can instead be combined with any router that supports Policy based Routing (PBR). Alternatively it can also be connected with one of our other products or with most of the other available third party load balancers on the market.

In many of our customer scenarios there was no additional investment needed for a special load balancer as CacheMARA could just be connected to the existing routers using PBR or WCCP. On a large scale however, TmcMARA offers a much nicer integration of multiple caches at once due to a more caching-aware loadbalancing.

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