Leading Transparent Caching solution for ISPs


Recursive Resolver & Authoritative DNS


High Performance Load Balancer


The Employee Internet Management System that secures and improves your productivity


All-In-One Application Delivery Controller featuring Web Application Firewall, centralized authentication, and content-acceleration


Comprehensive firewall that allows you to segment your internal network


An integral perimeter solution for all your firewall, VPN and caching needs

MARA Systems offers innovative solutions to the network security and caching market.

MARA Systems is one of the leading providers of transparent caching solutions on the market with over 900 caching installations in all regions of the world. This includes installations with only one CacheMARA at small ISPs up to big installations at large ISPs with many CacheMARAs running in a cluster connected to a TmcMARA load balancer. CacheMARA is achieving the best bandwidth savings (BHR - Byte hit ratio) and bandwidth gain of all transparent caching solutions on the market.

MARA Systems offers network appliances which lessen today's threats by implementing novel ideas and a carefully selected set of features for optimal performance and security.

Using the most recent findings in computer science, MARA Systems creates solutions that follow best practice rules of security to provide an ideal protection against threats without compromising performance. MARA Systems positions itself as a dynamic, innovative, flexible and fast growing company which keeps in close contact with customers to ensure an intimate relation between our products' features and our customer's business and technical requirements.

Our products are well-known for their robustness and flexibility.