The Employee Internet Management System that secures and improves your productivity

Does it take a long time for web pages to load on your company’s computers? Are your employees wasting bandwidth by downloading huge music or video files at work? Do you run any legal risks if an employee downloads questionable content from the Internet? If so, WebMARA is the solution.

WebMARA helps you save precious bandwidth by caching frequently accessed web pages locally, reducing the number of requests made on the Internet. This lowers traffic cost and optimizes the Internet access speed on each user's computer.

Besides speeding up web browsing, WebMARA also offers a user authentication feature, which compares users' log in information with an external user database. This user authentication function, together with WebMARA's Internet content filtering feature, helps to identify the kind of content individual users access via Internet and eventually block it. WebMARA uses a comprehensive content classification database on the Internet. This optional content filtering protects employees and organizations from Internet misuse and abuse and reduces liability. By blocking content that is not related to work, productivity is improved and Internet bandwidth is conserved.

To improve productivity, reduce legal risks and ensure airtight security for your company network, WebMARA is your best choice.