The firewall that allows you to segment your internal network with security and flexibility

Today most organizations have implemented network perimeter security, but are missing proper solutions for the internal network. People begin to understand that internal threats pose an even greater danger than external ones. According to recent studies, almost all attacks with a significant impact have their origin in the internal network.

Many organizations either refuse network access to consultants' and visitors' laptops or expose themselves to an unpredictable level. Users who are switching between internal and exteral networks with their laptops and PDAs, are often easy to attack and represent a nice entrance into the internal network. Discontent regular users and unknown visitors with unauthorized ad hoc connections to your network, pose an often underestimated risk. Not least to mention the never ending flow of malware.

MARA Systems developed GateMARA, a powerful RBAC based firewall specifically designed to fulfill the special requirements of the internal network.

GateMARA Firewall Scenario


GateMARA uses an advanced, state-of-the-art and highly optimized session classification algorithm based on the latest findings in computer science.

The high efficiency in its non-linear algorithm results in extremely quick evaluation and low latency for each packet. Even when the actual internal ruleset is huge and complex, GateMARA will scale smoothly under heavy loads. This gives security officials the power to specify security policies with arbitrary granularity even down to the detail of defining the rights to access a specific resource. It is not only possible to add any number of rules, but also easy. With GateMARA's unique administrative tools, translating even the most detailed security policy into firewall rules, is not an impossible task any longer.