Application Delivery

If your company builds business-to-business, business-to-customer or Internet banking portals, you need technology that can provide security, confidentiality, authentication, high performance and availability. Look no further. eMARA is the integrated solution that provides all of those functions in one box.

ISP Caching Solution

CacheMARA is specially tailored to the needs of ISPs. It provides local caching of not only static, but also dynamic web content from Youtube and other CDNs to enable ISPs to accelerate downloads of their customers and save valuable traffic by optimizing the utilized bandwidth.

Network Security

GateMARA is a completely new type of firewall that revolutionizes the way security rules are managed. It has a unique structure that enables it to work at a much faster speed than conventional firewalls. Its simplicity and efficiency is unmatched by any other firewalls on the market today, and it makes life a good deal easier for system administrators.

Web Application Security

Well-known attacks such as Cross-Site Scripting or SQL-Injection threaten nearly all Web Applications. In order to protect your daily business, our Web Application Delivery Controller includes a Web Application Firewall that blocks and alerts malicious requests.

Web Security

Does it take a long time for Web pages to load on your company’s computers? Are your employees wasting bandwidth by downloading huge music or video files at work? Do you run any legal risks if an employee downloads questionable content from the Internet? If so, WebMARA is your solution.