Innovative Secure Web Gateway

  • Full featured HTTP & FTP proxy
  • Transparent or explicit deployment: Setup methods
  • Powerful access control features that provide an easy and flexible way of regulating access to the Internet
  • Access control based on users and user groups
  • Advanced support for proxy hierarchies based on client IP, authenticated user name and round robin distribution
  • Persistent connections to clients and servers
  • Bandwidth management
  • Embedded high performance stateful firewall

Optional Authentication and Authorization

  • User and group-based authentication via industry-standard authentication methods. Among the supported methods are:
    • MS Active Directory with and without single-sign-on
    • LDAP
    • Digest LDAP (HTTP Digest Authentication with an LDAP backend)
  • Supporting multiple auth backends at the same time

Optional Real-time Web Content Filtering

  • Local database and real-time cloud based ratings
  • Over 100 predefined categories of Internet sites
  • Realtime rating and analysis of threats
  • Custom local policies

Optional Dynamic Anti-Virus Scanning

  • Integration of Anti-Virus Scanning
  • Unique high performance framework
  • Multi-threaded implementation
  • Compressed archive analysis

Optional Bandwidth Optimization and Caching

  • Optional full HTTP & FTP caching
  • Same caching engine as in CacheMARA
  • Own proprietary caching technology
  • Video-On-Demand caching (Netflix,...)
  • Partial object caching (HTTP range requests)
  • Content Delivery Networks (Akamai, EdgeSuite,...)
    • Caches and de-duplicates content that comes from different CDN hosts
  • Caching static & dynamic content:
    • Antivirus and software updates
    • Filehoster/Sharehoster/One-Click-Hoster
    • Games (EA, Playstation, Steam, Xbox,...)
    • OS updates (Apple, Linux, Windows, Mobile,...)
    • Videohoster (GoogleVideo, Youtube,...)
  • HTTP-based live streaming:
    • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
    • HTTP Dynamic Steaming (HDS)
    • HTTP Smooth Streaming (HSS)
  • High bandwidth savings because of multiple terabytes of cache storage for large objects
  • Acceleration of browsing because of small object caching on high performance Solid State Disks

Management & Reporting

  • Innovative and intuitive Web GUI (Multilingual)
  • Command line interface via serial console & ssh
  • Appliance status and live monitoring
  • Real-time and historical statistics by day, wekk, …:
  • System resources, network traffic, HTTP caching performance,...
  • Comprehensive HTTP usage reports:
  • Top 1000 Sites, Top 1000 Users
  • Flexible HTTP proxy logging facilities