Data Leakage Prevention

eMARA is able to detect and prevent the loss of confidential data (e.g. credit card numbers) through content inspection. The context-aware transaction analysis is based on the also included Web Application Firewall and provides a low cost of ownership due to the centralized manageability.

When deployed in front of multiple Website Farms, eMARA analyses the outgoing network traffic to search for unauthorized content, without any changes needed on the backend's side. Based on regular expressions policies and/or signatures, the discovery of valuable information is flexible and robust.


Nowadays, many large companies fall under regulations of government and/or commercial associations such as the Payment Card Industry DSS standards. The compliance with these requirements often implies the deployment of a system that controls both incoming (Web Application Firewall) and outgoing (Data Leakage Prevention) traffic.

In addition, the loss of protected information often becomes an expensive proposition including the notification of customers, re-issuing cards, and negative publicity.