eMARA benefits

Application Delivery

The advanced networking features of eMARA allow even complex scenarios and are flexible to support growing and/or changing environments. With Load balancing, arbitrary many servers may be used as backends.
With eMARA, you are able to support Web Applications that require various proxy-features, such as custom HTTP-header- or HTML-rewrites. Multiple Virtual Servers and applications with their backends are easily and fine-grained manageable.
Content acceleration by caching and SSL offloading/termination reduce the load on the backends dramatically. The high performance firewall avoids throughput bottlenecks in complex scenarios. Dedicated acceleration-hardware is available for the costly computations performed by the SSL- and WAF-engine,

Application Security

Enhanced Security
Input validation and output examination in the context of the Web Application Firewall mitigate the risk of application-layer attacks and information leakage respectively data theft.
Access Control
The authentication and authorization framework brings a simple all-in-one solution supporting amongst other things SSL certificates, cookies, LDAP and Single Sign-On. Granular and context-aware policies allow an easy and secure management.
Nowadays, many large companies fall under regulations of government and/or commercial associations such as the Payment Card Industry DSS standards. The compliance with these requirements often implies the deployment of a system that controls both incoming (Web Application Firewall) and outgoing (Data Leakage Prevention) traffic. Both that requirements are met with eMARA.


Central Management
The innovative GUI for centralized configuration and policy enforcement features distinct administrator roles and a transaction-based commit-system.
Flexible Deployment
Due to advanced networking capabilities, eMARA helps to consolidate. The rich-featured Reverse Proxy supports to serve many applications.
Easy Attendance
Detailed real-time reporting, regular updates, service- and incidents alerts, SNMP-support, and many other monitoring-related features ease the work of the administrator.

Return on Investment

eMARA is available as stand-alone software as well as a dedicated hardware solution tailored for your needs: From small branch offices to large enterprise deployments.
Reduced management and deployment effort disburdens your staff that may now focus on business-critical work. The Prohibition of security and availability incidents preserves your customers' goodwill and protects your reputation.
Comprehensive Solution
eMARA as a single solution with fully integrated functionality including rich firewalling-, networking-, and proxying features combined with application-layer security makes other purchases obsolete.