CacheMARA vs creating your own Caching Solution

CacheMARA outstanding value for money

When deciding on which solution to use for a transparent caching project, how do you decide on using some ready appliance solution like CacheMARA vs. creating your own solution based on freely available open source?

Open source platforms can be great tools for “Do it yourself” (DIY) projects. But our customers have too much at stake to risk their business on building their own transparent caching solution by themselves using the available Open Source software.

Most of the time if you are planning to go through all that work you may be better off just buying the ready-to-deploy solution upfront.

For example you can get a Squid based cache and throw tons of money at it and make it better, but it will never be like the top cache solution as CacheMARA today and still be classified as a risk-taking.

Common problems when building your own transparent caching solution:

  • With Squid only it's impossible to get more than 300 Mbps of client throughput on a single box
  • CacheMARA can offer a realistic 3.3 Gbps of client throughput for HTTP on a single appliance
  • Besides that 3.3 Gbps HTTP it offers additional cache-out for other services like P2P
  • CacheMARA is proprietary technology of MARA Systems developed through years of German engineering
  • It includes knowledge built-up through years of experience with hundreds of customers worldwide
  • Squid is not fully transparent, it breaks non-http traffic on port 80
  • CacheMARA includes DPI technology to identify valid HTTP traffic and allows other traffic to pass through
  • Squid can only do simply URL based caching
  • CacheMARA combines methods from object-caching, url-caching and pattern based caching.
  • Squid based solutions achieve only 10-20% byte-hit ratio, CacheMARA is able to deliver 50%+ byte-hit ratio at many customers
  • There are no open source caching solutions available for other services like FTP, P2P, ...
  • Building your own solution might be limited to simple HTTP caching only missing great savings and QoE improvements
  • CacheMARA is a multi service caching solution including support for multiple services and protocols like HTTP browsing, file sharing, progressive download, Adaptive Bitrate video streaming, FTP, P2P, Software Upgrades, Games, Video and many more...

Some of the benefits when using CacheMARA:

  • Up to 6 Gbps of client throughput per single appliance unit
  • Scaling to unlimited Gbps when deployed in CacheMARA cluster/grid configuration
  • High byte-hit ratio (average 45%-50%) and bandwidth gain (up to 100% and more)
  • Innovative WebGUI
  • Built for reliability and ease of use
  • Unique caching optimizations
  • All-in-all multi service caching support (HTTP, FTP, P2P, Streaming, ....)
  • Low training staff and reduced costs
  • Reduce costs with maintenance/support
  • No hassle about software upgrades
  • Large number of advanced features
  • Rigorously tested appliances
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Dedicated support and services
  • Extensive manual and knowledge set-up
  • Expert German engineering
  • Continuous investment in R&D