High-performance Firewall

BorderMARA offers an entirely new and intelligent way of creating, viewing and evaluating security rules. It organizes these rules based on relationships between "network object groups", such as users, IP addresses and networks. So, when your system administrator needs to review the rules, he or she can ask BorderMARA to show only the relevant information for the object groups in question, without having to read through thousands of lines.

Adding new rules to each set of relationship will not nullify the rest of the existing rules. This easy-to-use interface makes system administrators' jobs a whole lot easier.

Another great benefit of BorderMARA is its high-speed performance. A conventional firewall will slow down exponentially as the number of rules increase, and even come to a complete stop after it has processed several thousand rules. But BorderMARA does not have this problem. It can scan all the rules at one single glance and maintain its speed performance throughout. BorderMARA gives system administrators unlimited possibilities to increase the number of rules without having to increase computing power.