Software Developer / Linux and Network Security Enthusiast / Native HTTP-speaker (f/m)

(student jobber / Werkstudent / full time employee)

Do you like Linux?
Do you like C/C++?
Do you like computer networks?
Do you want to use and augment your skills to build large-scale and real-world relevant projects?

Then you might be the perfect fit for our team!

What you can expect

  • You will gain insights into the infrastructure and network scenarios of ISPs and other large companies worldwide - with focus on state-of-the-art web technologies and high-performance use cases.
  • You will have the opportunity to augment your knowledge with practical experience during your studies.
  • You will have the chance to get in touch with the technical engineers of our international customers.

What we offer

  • A young team of developers in a friendly and casual working atmosphere (team language German/English).
  • You will work self-organized on interesting projects - including planning, development, integration, and maintenance. Of course our team will provide guidance when needed.
  • The range of our projects is manifold:
    • HTTP proxying and caching solutions
    • network administration and security features
    • dynamic routing in large scale networks
    • system health and availability monitoring
    • cluster management
    • and many more...
  • Flexible working hours of 12-20 hours a week, fitting the demands of your studies.
  • Chance to get hired permanently as a full-time employee after your studies.
  • A coffee flat-rate... ;-)

What you offer

  • You study computer science or a related topic.
  • You feel comfortable about working with Linux.
  • You have C/C++ coding experience.
  • You have a basic understanding of network technologies and Internet standards.
  • You are open-minded and keen to learn new tools and technologies.
  • You have good English language skills.

If you think you are the perfect fit for this position, don't miss your chance, contact us today: