Who we are

MARA Systems is a product company that serves the market for Network Security and Caching Solutions by developing customized Network Appliances, a combination of software and hardware that is delivered as a ready-to-install box. By appliances, MARA Systems implies special purpose servers that are used in networks to enhance security and improve performance.

MARA Systems' development team has spent many years working as security consultants designing perimeter networks and caching solutions for small to large organizations. Our products materialize this knowledge filling the void in the market for solutions that combine the needed functions when designing your Internet access, extranets, e-commerce and caching solutions.

MARA Systems is one of the leading providers of transparent caching solutions on the market with over 900 caching installations in all regions of the world. This includes installations with only one CacheMARA at small ISPs up to big installations at large ISPs with many CacheMARAs running in a cluster connected to a CacheMARA TMC load balancer. CacheMARA is well known for achieving the best bandwidth savings (BHR - Byte hit ratio) and bandwidth gain of all transparent caching solutions on the market.

What we deliver

MARA Systems delivers customer-proven appliance solutions tailored to each specific scenario. Our customer’s ROI is important for us and that’s why we know that a good appliance solution should be cost-effective offering high quality performance and the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Our company invests heavily on product development to keep up with rapid market changes and quickly meet our customer’s need for high flexibility, security and performance.

Our focus

Our focus lies on appliances that perform functions such as firewalling, load balancing, transparent caching, content filtering, SSL acceleration and other related features. MARA Systems' appliances combine functionalities to minimize the need for complementary products. Each function is carefully implemented to maintain the high security level of the system.

Customer Driven Development

Our product development team works hand-in-hand with our customer relationship team to ensure that customer needs are key to the whole research and development process. We actually listen to our customers and our customers do have a high influance on how our products evolve and which features are implemented.